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IPPF-FIPP calls for expressions of interest for digitalisation and archival security project

The International Penal and Penitentiary Foundation (IPPF) wishes to conduct a six-month project in order to consolidate and secure its historical records; make those records accessible to the research community, practitioners and the wider public; and to obtain advice concerning future security and accessibility of its archives. IPPF seeks to engage a contractor to implement this project. 


IPPF is a foundation with its seat in Bern, Switzerland. It is subject to statutes created by IPPF in 2016. Its aim is to promote studies in the field of the prevention of crime and the treatment of offenders, especially by scientific research, publications and teaching. With roots that trace back 150 years, IPPF has a long and distinguished history, with roots in the International Penal and Penitentiary Commission and International Penal Commission. IPPF now seeks to secure its archival records, catalogue them, and make them publicly available, as well as receive advice on such matters. To do so, it wishes to implement a six-month long project.


This project will:

  1. Locate, consolidate, and catalogue IPPF’s (IPPC and IPC) material pre-1951 and post-1951 until the end of 2021;
  2. Digitise records which are currently only in print form; 
  3. Categorise IPPF records during this period and order them in a safe and suitable format; 
  4. Provide an index/description of these records;
  5. Provide advice on good archival and record management in general; 
  6. Place records on the IPPF website with descriptions and context;
  7. Consult with the IPPF President concerning the project. 

Contractor Requirements 

Budgetary and Other Information 

Applicants should submit a budget including proposed salary costs for a six month timescale, outline travel and equipment cost and any other resource needs. The successful contractor will report to the IPPF President, Prof. Stephen Shute. 

The contract will last for six months from date of commencement. 

Travel and equipment costs will be covered, subject to IPPF policy. 

Co-authorship of any publications arising from the work will agreed with IPPF in advance, and IPPF funding must be acknowledged. 

Application process

Informal inquiries can be made to Prof. Stephen Shute, IPPF President:

To apply, applicants should submit a cover letter detailing how they would be able to respond to the requirements of this project including a project plan, a proposed budget, along with a detailed curriculum vitae to:

Dr. Mary Rogan, Secretary General, International Penal and Penitentiary Foundation:

Closing Date: December 20 2023, 5pm CET