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Find out about IPPF’s Colloquia, which have explored key issues in penal and penitentiary policy

IPPF Celebrates 150 year old roots, Geneva 2022

IPPF celebrated 150 years since the establishment of the International Penitentiary Commission (IPC), to which organisation IPPF can trace its roots, on September 8 and 9 2022 in Geneva. Switzerland is the official home and ‘seat’ of IPPF. The theme for the event was: 150 year IPPF/FIPP anniversary celebration: its contributions to the criminal justice and prison systems, past present and future. 

Members, invited speakers and distinguished guests joined together to celebrate the contributions IPPF has made over its long history to criminal justice and penal systems, and looked forward to its future development. IPPF was very grateful for the support of the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Prison and Probation to organise the event. The anniversary event provided an opportunity for leaders in criminal justice and penal and penitentiary policy to discuss the future priorities and directions in our field over the next five to ten years. This fruitful discussion allowed for knowledge exchange and mutual learning between IPPF and peer organisations. It also provided an opportunity for IPPF to learn about the main priorities for international organisations in order to shape IPPF’s strategic plan and its contribution to international and national debates in the next ten years. 

Speakers and respondents included:

Vice Chair, Council for Penological Co-operation (PC-CP), Council of Europe

Prison Reform Focal Point, Justice Section, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

 President, Justice Studies Center of the Americas (JSCA)

Executive Director, Penal Reform International

Speakers and respondents addressed the following topic: The key issues and priorities in criminal justice and the penal system in international perspective. 

Our Colloquia

2019 Santiago/Valparaíso, Chile

Legality, non-arbitrariness and administrative and judicial discretion in sentencing and enforcement of sentences

2017 Azores, Portugal

Defendants and detainees with psychiatric disturbances in the criminal process and in the prison system

2016 Helsinki, Finland

Overuse in the criminal justice system: on criminalization, prosecution and imprisonment

2014 Bangkok, Thailand

Women in Prison

2013 Wellington, New Zealand

Measures to deal with high risk offenders during and after their sentence

2011 Dublin, Ireland

Rehabilitation of Prisoners – its value

2010 Stellenbosch, South Africa

Pre-trial detention

2009 Liège, Belgium

The influence of scientific NGOS on National and International crime policy

2008 Stavern, Norway

Prison policy and prisoners’ rights

2007 Popowo, Poland

Minorities and cultural diversity in Prison

2006 Budapest, Hungary

The implementation of prison sentences and aspects of security

2004 Manaus, Brazil

The Impact of Criminal Networks and Organizations in Democratie Societies

2003 Cidade da Praia, Cape Verde

The relationship between public security in the state of law and the challenges posed by the society of risk

2002 Istanbul, Turkey

Practical Problems and New Perspectives in the Penitentiary Field

1998 Fuchu-Tokyo, Japan

Some essential issues in Contemporary Correctional Policy

1996 Berlin, Germany

Legal Aspects of Crime Prevention

1994 Macao, China

Pre-trial detention and fundamental rights

1992 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Human Rights and Penal Detention

1988 Groningen, The Netherlands

Standard minimum rules for the implementation of non-custodial sanctions and measures involving restriction of liberty

1987 Poitiers, France

The Elaboration of Standard Minimum Rules for Non-Institutional Treatment

1986 Coimbra, Portugal

Community Service as an alternative to the prison sentence

1983 Kristiansand, Norway

The sanctions in the field of economic criminal law

1982 Syracuse, Italy

New trends in criminal policy

1979 Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Criminal Record and Rehabilitation

1977 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Penal and penitentiary aspects of road traffic

1972 Vienna, Austria

Deviance and social reaction

1967 Ulm, Sweden

New methods of restriction of liberty in the penitentiary system

1962 Brussels, Belgium

New psychological methods for the treatment of prisoners